The Illithids of Inzeladun are insidious villains.  Many of them wear Friendship Shield rings... with a thrall (usually a child) wearing the matching ring; therefore, if a hero harms the mind flayer, it nearly guarantees the death of an innocent thrall. 

Below are several Mind Flayer NPC's I have used in Inzeladun.  Several use feats and prestige classes from Unveiled Masters: The Essential Guide to Mind Flayers, by Kenson, Maliszewski, and ParentMost use ideas taken from the Monstrous Arcana: the Illithiad by Bruce Cordell.  Although not detailed, most, if not all, of these mind flayers have thrall slaves that tend to be around when the mind flayer enters combat.

  1. Absterarint, Quastor Financier of Xallistemious, Possessor Creed.  10th level Expert

  2. Absterator, High Priest of the Esoteric Order of Ilsensine 20th level Psion (Telepath)

  3. Absterbossksine, Elder, Paragon Ulitharid, Gatherer Creed

  4. Abstermious, Elder of Xallistemious, Possessor Creed 20th level Expert

  5. Alabstermious, Ancient Loremaster Keeper, Elder, Thorough Biter Creed 10th Wizard / 10th Keeper / 5th Loremaster

  6. Alhionsine, Warrior of the Violet Line, Tamer Creed 10th Psychic Warrior/10th Warrior of the Violet Line

  7. Allullipbossk, Illithid Savant, Elder 10th Level Wizard/10th level Illithid Savant (18th level Caster)

  8. Alordell, Skull Collector, Dark Hunter of Those Who Stand Against the Illithids 12th Ranger / 10th Skull Collector

  9. Althid, Aedileator Judge, Awaiter Creed 6th level Psion (Seer)

  10. Aluropbossk, Warrior of the Violet Line, Tamer Creed, 2nd Fighter/ 3rd Warrior of the Violet Line

  11. Illiabsterthid, Quastor, Controller, Possessor Creed 12th level Expert

  12. Illitor, Aedileator, Thrall Breeder, Nourisher Creed 8th level Expert

  13. Ilsenhionsine, Vigileator of Intelligence, Defender of Dreams 10th level Cleric/ 10th level Oneiromancer (from Occult Lore)

  14. Ilsentor, Aedileator Thrall Pool Administrator, Nourisher Creed 6th Psion (Telepath)

  15. Lugrimalinator, Master of Shadows, Elder, Darkener Creed 7th level Rogue/ 10th level Shadow Dancer

  16. Lugrixalliarint, Paragon, Grand Elder, Thorough Biter Creed, Creed Master 10th Illithid Savant

  17. Maanzebosskator, Fiend Slayer, Tamer Creed, Order of the Violet Line 2nd Fighter / 2nd Violet Line / 10th Devil Slayer

  18. Maanzelugrimious the Hell Blade, Tamer Creed 10th level Rogue / 10th level Hellblade

  19. Maanzeuropordell, Elder, Awaiter Creed 20th level Courtier (from Rokugan Setting)

  20. Malinator, Elder of Xallistemious, Nourisher Creed 20th level Psion (Telepath)

  21. Malinlugriordell, Aedileator of Public Order, Thorough Biter Creed 6th level Psion (Egoist)

  22. Malinquashoon, Pirate King of Xallixallithid 6th level Rogue

  23. Malinsinehoon, Gate Crashing Skull Collector 11th Ranger / 1st Rogue / 10th Skull Collector / 8th Gate Crasher

  24. Namaanzebosskator, Keeper, Thorough Biter Creed 2nd Wizard / 6th Keeper

  25. Nethsinetor, Vigileator of Internal Order, Warrior of the Violet Line, 2nd Fighter/ 10th Warrior of the Violet Line

  26. Nithtalitor, Assassin of the Esoteric Order of Ilsensine 11th level Psychic Warrior / 9th level Assassin

  27. Quascorianordell, Grand Elder, Dragon-Rider, Tamer Creed 12th level Fighter

  28. Quassinetor, Aedileator of Thrall Dreams, Abysmal Creed 7th level Wizard / 3rd level Oneiromancer (from Occult Lore)

  29. Ulihiontharid, Master of Flesh, Creative Creed 3rd level Psion (Egoist) / 1st level Expert / 3rd level Master of Flesh

  30. Uliulibosskbossk, Vigileator of Internal Order, Tamer Creed 10th level Warrior of Darkness (Two Headed Mind Flayer!)

  31. Uropmalinhoon, Warrior of the Violet Line, Tamer Creed 2nd Fighter/5th Warrior of the Violet Line

  32. Uropmaanzebossk, Ariser Creed Elder, Lord of Ahmn 20th level Psion (Telepath)

  33. Xalli'arint, Quastor, Due Auditor, Possessor Creed 8th level Expert

  34. Xallihionbossk, Axiomatic Master of Flesh, Creative Creed 14th Psion (Shaper)/10th Master of Flesh

  35. Xallilugriordell, Creative Creed, Aedileator of Public Works 10th Level Psion/10th level Constructor (18th level manifester)

  36. Xeissshellimous, Tamer Creed 10th level Duelist

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