(Converted from the TSR module
RS 1 - Red Sonja Unconquered)
Huge Outsider

Hit Dice: 10D8 + 30 (75 hit points)
Initiative: +4 (Improved Initiative)
Speed: Fly 60 ft (perfect maneuverability)
Armor Class: 21 (-2 Size, +13 Natural)
Attacks: Electrical shot (x4) +17 melee
Damage: Electrical shot 1d6 
Face/Reach: 10 ft x 15 ft/ 15ft
Special Attacks: Electricity, Energy Drain
Special Qualities: Invisibility, Dark Vision 60', Spell Resistance 25, Incorporeal
Saves: Fort +10, Ref +9, Will +5
Attributes: Str 28, Dex 11, Con 17, Int 11, Wis 7, Cha 5
Skills:  Listen +18, Search +20, Spot +18, Intimidate +17 
Feats: Multiattack, Lightning Reflexes, Improved Initiative

Climate/Terrain: Any
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 7
Treasure: None
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Advancement: 11-12 HD (Large); 13-20 HD (Huge).

The Nika is an immense monster which has no solid physical form, appearing as a large reddish-brown cloud with four indistinct appendages that taper to a point.  

The nika's appendages each end in a narrow half moon shaped tip.  These appendages shoot electricity out to cause half moon shaped wounds on a successful melee  attack.   Each successful attack also allows the Nika can energy drain its victim with its appendage. To another incorporeal creature, the nika attacks with a slam attack that does 2d6 +9 damage plus 1d6 electrical damage.

Energy Drain (Su): The energy drain of a Nika requires a successful melee attack—mere physical contact is not enough.  Each successful energy draining attack bestows one or more negative levels on the opponent. A creature suffers the following penalties for each negative level it has gained:

If the victim casts spells, she loses access to one spell as if she had cast her highest-level, currently available spell. (If she has more than one spell at her highest level, she chooses which she loses.) In addition, when she next prepares spells or regains spell slots, she gets one less spell slot at her highest spell level.
    Negative levels remain for 24 hours or until removed with a spell, such as restoration. After 24 hours, the afflicted creature must attempt a Fortitude save. The DC is 10 + one-half the attacker’s Hit Dice + the attackers’ Charisma modifier. (The DC is provided in the attacker’s description.) If the saving throw succeeds, the negative level goes away with no harm to the creature. If the save fails, the negative level goes away, but the creature’s level is also reduced by 1. The afflicted creature makes a separate saving throw for each negative level it has gained.
    A character who loses a level to an energy drain instantly loses one Hit Die. The character’s base attack bonus, base saving throw bonuses, and special class abilities are now reduced to the new, lower level. Likewise, the character loses any ability score gain, skill ranks, and any feat associated with the level (if any). If the exact ability score or skill ranks increased from a level now lost is unknown (or the player has forgotten), lose a point from the highest ability score or ranks from the highest-ranked skills. If a familiar or companion creature (such as a paladin’s mount) has abilities tied to a character who has lost a level, the creature’s abilities are adjusted to fit the character’s new level.
    The victim’s experience point total is immediately set to the midpoint of the previous level. A character with negative levels at least equal to her current level, or drained below 1st level, is instantly slain. Depending on the creature that killed her, she may rise the next night as a monster of that kind. If not, she rises as a wight. A creature gains 5 temporary hit points for each negative level it inflicts (though not if the negative level is caused by a spell or similar effect).

Incorporeal (Ex): Incorporeal creatures can only be harmed by other incorporeal creatures, by +1 or better weapons, or by spells, spell-like effects, or supernatural effects. They are immune to all nonmagical attack forms. They are not burned by normal fires, affected by natural cold, or harmed by mundane acids.  Even when struck by magic or magic weapons, an incorporeal creature has a 50% chance to ignore any damage from a corporeal source—except for a force effect.  Incorporeal creatures move in any direction (including up or down) at will. They do not need to walk on the ground.  Incorporeal creatures can pass through solid objects at will, although they cannot see when their eyes are within solid matter.  Incorporeal creatures are inaudible unless they decide to make noise.  The physical attacks of incorporeal creatures ignore material armor, even magic armor, unless it is made of force or has the ghost touch ability.  Incorporeal creatures pass through and operate in water as easily as they do in air.  Incorporeal creatures cannot fall or suffer falling damage.  Corporeal creatures cannot trip or grapple incorporeal creatures.  Incorporeal creatures have no weight and do not set off traps that are triggered by weight.  Incorporeal creatures do not leave footprints, have no scent, and make no noise unless they manifest, and even then they only make noise intentionally.

Invisibility (Su): Invisibility makes the nika undetectable by vision, including darkvision.  The nika can generally notice the presence of an active invisible creature within 30 feet with a Spot check (DC 20). The observer gains a hunch that “something’s there” but can’t see it or target it accurately with an attack. A creature who is holding still is very hard to notice (DC 30). A completely immobile creature is even harder to spot (DC 40). It’s practically impossible (+20 DC) to pinpoint an invisible creature’s location with a Spot check, and even if a character succeeds at such a check, the invisible creature still benefits from full concealment (50% miss chance). 

This monster appeared in RS 1 Red Sonja Unconquered, which was published by TSR in 1986 and was written by Anne Gray McCready.  My thanks to Mr. Black for making this module available to me.


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