The Kingdoms of the Hyborian Age

Click on the name of the kingdom below for more information (not all kingdoms are available at this time).  Another excellent resources for the Hyborian Age nations is  That site also includes individual maps of each nation.

Asgard - A far-northern nation comprising the eastern portion of Nordheim. (More Information)

Aquilonia - The mightiest kingdom of the west, the foremost of the Hyborian kingdoms of Conan's day.  Aquilonia is a commercial and military giant with a high level of civilization.  Only Nemedia, Aquilonia's rival, boasted of a richer cultural diversity.  (More Information)      

Argos - Argos is one of the greatest commercial nations of the Hyborian Age, renowned for its maritime industry, master shipmen, and short, stocky sailors (reputedly the best in all the world).  (More Information)

Barachan Isles - Baracha, also known as the Pirate Isles, is a small archipelago off the southwestern coast of Zingara.  It is infested with bands of sea-roving pirates.  These pirates, called the Red Brotherhood, are loosely organized under the "laws of the sea". Most of these men are outlaws from Argos.  Commoners believe that the Barachans, whose cruelty as pirates are legendary, eat women.  The capital of the Barachan Isles, and the only settlement, is Tortage.  Harbored among the rocky cliffs, Tortage is a pirate port whose crooked, cobbled alleys are lined with alehouses, brothels, and inns.  Barachans do not gain a racial bonus, as they are composed entirely of other nationalities.

Border Kingdom - a desolate wasteland of vaporous bog, muddy heather, and dreary plains lying south of Cimmeria and Asgard and southwest of Hyperborea. The Border Kingdom served as a buffer between Nemedia and Brythunia and the more primitive nations (More Information)

Brythunia - a loosely-knit Hyborian kingdom of city-states.  (More Information)

Cimmeria - The birthplace of Conan, an unremittingly somber land.  (More Information)

Corinthia--- A land of mountains and non-descript city states held together in a loose alliance.  (More Information)

Ghulistan - A region of the southwestern Himelian Mountain Range, home of the Afghuli tribes who live in villages ruled by headmen (or hetmen).  (More Information)

Hyperborea - The first of the aboriginal Hyborian tribes to discover the use of stone in building, the Hyperboreans abandoned a primitive, nomadic way of life to settle in huge walled dwellings of stone, consequently founding the very first, but most isolated, of the Hyborian kingdoms.   Hyperborea is also home to the black clad assassins of the Goddess of Death, considered the deadliest fighters in the world, killing with sorcerous rods of wood and platinum that leave no mark on the flesh.  (More Information)

Hyrkania - Hyrkania is a vast land of prairies, forest, and tundra.  Hyrkania is best known for its broad, barren steppes where horse-warriors, masters of the powerful double-curved bow, gallop the great treeless tracts of land.  (More Information)

Iranistan - An eastern nation south of the Vilayet Sea, Iranistan is one of Turan's strongest rivals, grown rich on trade with Vendhya and the Black Kingdoms. (More Information)

Khitai - A far eastern nation whose people, traditions, and civilization stretch back to Pre-Cataclysmic times.  Khitai  is synonymous with ancient knowledge and antique lore, esoteric sorcery, and exquisite artisanship.  Khitain characters pretty much follow the rules laid down in Oriental Adventures and its various conversions and incarnations.

Koth - Despite its landlocked status, Koth is among the greatest commercial nations of the age, dominating much of the overland trade route. (More Information)

Kush - Northernmost and best known of the Black Kingdoms that lie below Stygia.

Nemedia - Among the Hyborian kingdoms, Nemedia is second only to Aquilonia, chafing that they are in the shadow of that rival nation.  Despite ancient enmity and sporadic wars, the two nations remain locked in a diplomatic and military stalemate.  (More Information)

Ophir - Ophir is a very prosperous Hyborian kingdom.  Ophir's legendary wealth comes from mines of gold and gemstones. (More Information)

Shem - Shem is one of the great commercial nations of the age.  Despotic kings rule stately city-states in luxurious, sensual splendor within walled palaces in the west, and lean nomads in camel's hair tents rule the arid desert sands to the east. (More Information)

Stygia - The Serpent of the South.  (More Information)

Turan - Splendor of the East and Mistress of the Vilayet.  (More Information)

Vanaheim - A far-northern nation comprising the western portion of Nordheim. (More Information)

Vendhya - A tropical country far to the east on the Southern Ocean, an ancient and wealthy kingdom fabled for its treasures. (More Information)

Zamora - Zamora is a mysterious land, a buffer zone between the Hyborian nations of the West and the Hyrkanians of Turan, with a culture which is part of each, and part all its own. Its people are disdained by both sides, and even considered "evil by birth" by the Hyborians. (More Information)

Zingara - A seafaring nation, Zingara is proud, a land of chivalry, and well known for their art of swordsmanship.  (More Information)

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